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A Clear Alternative offers solutions for iron stains, corrosion, hard water, odors and other unsightly and unhealthy water problems. You can see what this does to your laundry and your sinks, but did you know it can be harmful to consume.

We offer convenient and reasonably priced Alternatives to each of these problems and more. Water conditioners, acid neutralizers and water coolers are just a few solutions.

A Clear Alternative provides the products and services for your home or business location for water treatment and water purification. As we need water for just about all we do, shouldn't we not have to think about our water being safe?

A Clear safeguards your family against unsafe water due to contaminants

To find out more information on Water Problems & Solutions, please visit our Consumer Information ยป
Water Problems & Treatment Chart!

Water Safety Resource Information:

Should you have any questions regarding the quality of your water, feel free to contact us - we'll be happy to answer your questions!

A Clear Alternative - We Know Water!

Customer Feedback
After having my in ground pool repaired it needed to be filled, and of course my daughter's birthday within a week. A Clear was so polite and had my water delivered the next day! Thank you guys!
Anna - 08/12/2013


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